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The Full Story

Divergent Digital Marketing is a collaborative effort to help companies and workers in need succeed.


Helping Companies In Need

One mission for Divergent Digital Marketing is to help companies in need succeed. Headed by founder, Kim Mikiel, whose passion in business is marketing and graphic design, Divergent Digital Marketing helps identify and rectify ineffective business solutions and replace them with effective ones.


Since her graduation from FullSail University in 2014, Kim has worked with multiple small and large businesses to meet their goals and modernize their web presence. She now brings those skills to the Divergent Digital Marketing team, sharing those skills with other people passionate about doing the same thing.

Helping Workers In Need

The second mission for Divergent Digital Marketing is helping workers in need succeed. With an intimate understanding of the challenges of being a stay-home parent and professional, Divergent Digital Marketing is committed to hiring people who want to work, and have great skill, but aren't able to work in traditional locations, environments or during traditional hours - regardless of the reason why.


If you are a professional with skills related to the field of graphic design, marketing, web design, social media management, content production, or other related skills and are interested in a career with Divergent Digital Marketing, please click here to see what we have available.

Careers With Divergent Digital Marketing

Let's work together! If you are interested in a career with Divergent Digital Marketing, send us a message here, and please also email your resume to Applications and resumes received here will be kept on file until a job meeting your skillset is open. If you'd like to see our job openings, please click here.

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